Transportation Assistance for Seacoast Citizens - TASC

200 High Street - Hampton, NH 03842

(603) 926-9026

Rides & Rewards


The TASC Board of Directors (BOD) wants to thank everyone who contributed to help their neighbors with their transportation needs in 2019.  


A number of rewards flow from providing rides to those who can no longer drive themselves.  First, and foremost is the person who gets the ride.  Next, is the driver who feels rewarded having provided the ride. Finally, the donor is rewarded for helping to secure future rides.


To make sure rides and rewards are maintained in 2020 the TASC BOD is promoting the option of monthly donations. For many a single “large” donation is not possible because it does not fit neatly into their monthly budget.  Monthly donations are much smaller and spread over a longer time period.


To consider donating monthly ………  Click here ......