TASC Volunteers offer rides to senior citizens and people with disabilities in New Hampshire.

Imagine you could no longer drive! Your friends all work and your family lives far away. How would you get to the doctor or pharmacy or grocery store? For countless adults this is an every-day reality. TASC is alleviating that problem by utilizing and coordinating its corps of volunteer drivers.

TASC drivers choose when they'll be available. Once a week, one or two times a month or once in a blue moon. Volunteering for TASC can easily fit most schedules.

TASC is a great opportunity for people twenty-five or older with a valid driver's license, a favorable driving record and an insured, registered and inspected vehicle. 

TASC currently provides rides to eligible adults living in the communities of:

Brentwood, East Kingston, Exeter, Greenland, Hampton, Kensington, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Rye,

Seabrook and Stratham. 

If you want to give something back to your local communities click on the link below to download a volunteer application to complete and mail in or call TASC at (603) 926-9026 and we'll mail it to you.


Are you up to the TASC? Come along for the ride!

You may be surprised at who volunteers to be a TASC driver!

Santa Clause giving rides with TASC